With courtesy of Sekoia and BKR Care Consultancy, I travelled to Denmark to explore their care home market and found some fascinating disparities when compared with the UK market.

The population of Denmark is just shy of 6m with 19% being 65 or over in age (1.08m). Elderly population in the UK is circa 12m.

93% of the care home stock in Denmark is publicly owned when compared with the UK at 4%. The publicly funded model in Denmark is driven by the higher tax rates imposed, which has enabled their municipals to standardise their care models by charging flat rate fees for care, across the country. The privately owned homes are also charging the same rates to those that are publicly owned.

Fee rates paid by the municipal are in the region of £700 per week for the care element and residents pay for rent and food in additional to this at circa £170 per week, totalling £870 per week. This is at a similar rate to a mid-market care home facility here in the UK.

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