Cedar House

We have just had our latest CQC inspection and we were found to be fully compliant.
We met Bhavna at a very low point as our manager had literally ‘walked out’ during a CQC inspection. Bhavna told us that you would handle everything… [her] past experience as a CQC inspector meant that when she intervened on our behalf she was listened to by the inspectors.
By implemented new working practises, that involved very simple changes for the staff to follow, but which if followed meant that the same problems would never occur again.
Bhavnas ability to communicate with everyone at different levels meant that they all felt valued for their efforts, this is not a trait that everyone possesses and is something that I am sure comes from many years of dealing with providers when you worked ‘for the other side’.
I can only add that despite my twenty three years as a provider having met you and worked with you I now feel that I am better provider as a result.

John Lowe, Director at Cedar House Residential Care Home, Leicestershire


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